Tuesday, 26 November 2019

Gull update.

 An update on the yellow ringed gull X468.Apparently the original information of the gull being a Yellow Legged Gull were wrong and it is in fact a Caspian Gull confirmed by email from the ringer in Germany Dr Roland Klien. This bird has been bothering me for a few days especially the long angular pale tongue on p10 among other things.An interesting bird ,i wonder how pure it is.Anyway it constitutes to there being four Caspian Gulls on the estuary that day. 
This bird was ringed as a chick near Leipzig in June 17 making it a 3rd cy .A big  thank you to Mark Grantham for chasing this up.

Any opinions on this bird would be greatly appreciated.

Thursday, 21 November 2019

Yesterday at Hayle estuary.

 Just when i thought it could not get any better on the estuary i found another Cracking adult Caspian Gull this time a slightly bigger bird with a cleaner bill than yesterdays adult ,it was a beauty if your in to gulls ,below are 4 more images of the same bird.

 To my delight it was joined by yesterdays two Caspians ,here is yesterdays adult for comparison note the slight dark markings on the bill.I am lead to believe it is the biggest multiple appearance of Caspian Gull at any one time in Cornwall.
 And the pattern of p10.
 This adult Yellow Legged Gull was one of at least 11 seen, a patch record for me.

Tuesday, 19 November 2019

A good early morning on Hayle estuary.

 Within minutes of arriving i picked out this smart adult Caspian Gull.
 As above.
 As above.
 As above.
 As above.
 As above.
 As above.
 To my amazement i found a second Caspian hiding in the gull flock ,a third winter i think.
 As above.
 As above.
 As above.
 In flight the bird on the left.
Strange Lesser Black Backed Gull.

Tuesday, 12 November 2019

Some of the highlights of our trip to the Isles of Scilly at the end of October.

 The trip got off to a good start when we had this superb summer plumage Red Throated Diver from the boat as we waited to leave Penzance harbour  for St Marys.
 As above.
 On our arrival news broke that the very elusive Blue Rock Thrush was showing at Porth Minnick so after we dropped our bags off we went straight there and instantly saw the bird on the other side of the bay just before it flew off and out of sight,although it remained on the island for most of of our stay we never saw it again.This was only the second record for the islands the first being in 1999.
 In flight.
 This Spotted Crake showed very well at Lower Moors on most days often showing down to a few feet,great bird!!.
 As above.
 Having a stretch.
 On the 22nd we decided to go the island of Bryher our favorite island ,while sat at Popplestone bay Kerry spotted this Short Eared Owl come in off the sea .
 Kerry also picked up this Black Redstart on the beach it was our first of the trip and was to herald the start of a big influx over the next few days.
 Later in the day we had this candidate for a Siberian Chiffchaff although we did,nt hear it call which would of helped.
 After Joe Pender had discovered a Red Necked Phalarope off the western rocks the day before Joe decided to put on a trip to see if it was still there ,although there was no sign of it we had as many as 25 Grey Phalaropes in the same area .
 This smart first winter Common Gull followed the boat for some time.
 There were plenty of Gannets about.
 This elusive Dartford Warbler was at Penninis Head for a couple of days ,a rare bird on Scillies with only 22 previous records.
 My mate Adam Hutt found this very sculky Blyths Reed Warbler at Rosehill on the 24 th .
 Great Northern Diver in summer plumage .
 Adult Whooper Swan
 On the 22nd at first light i walked out of our self catering cottage on to the harbour front and had the pleasant surprise of two juvenile Whooper Swans right in front of me a nice start to the day.
 As me and Kerry walked to Watermill Cove with our good friend Richie Aston i picked up this brute of a Yellow Legged Gull .
 The next day we decided to go to Tresco to look for the Rustic Bunting that had been reported the previous day although we had brief initial views it soon vanished in horrible weather ,so like a mad man i trecked up to see the Isabelline Wheatear at Castle Down where the rain was coming down sideways in gale force winds hence the crap pic.
 The next days forecast was even worse so i thought i can stay at home or wrap up and find a sheltered spot somewhere ,i plumped for the Garrison and it was a good choice there had obviously been a fall of birds overnight ,i had this Ring Ouzel and a male Common Redstart in the first half an hour and there were crests and chiffchaffs everywhere .
 Lots of the Goldcrests looked like they had a bad night as they looked wet and tired feeding in a frenzy often hopping around my feet .
 As above .
 Lots of Chiffchaffs were hopping around on the ground without any care .
 As the day went on they eventually dried out a touch but i think i could have picked them up if i wanted to they were so exhausted .
 As above.
 As above.
 As above.
 The next day the weather still had,nt improved so i did the same again at the Garrison ,and the first bird i saw was one of my  favorite birds this beautiful Firecrest ,also my favorite picture i took.
 As above .
 As above.
 Just after that i found a very good candidate for a Northern Willow Warbler.
 As above.
 As above.
 There were big numbers of Black Redstarts including some nice males.

This first winter bird was even eating berrys on Porthcressa beach.