Sunday, 31 December 2017

Some of the highlights of my birding year 2017.

 Male Blue Rock Thrush ,Stow on the Wold ,January.
 First winter male Eastern Black Redstart,Mousehole ,January.
 Third calendar year Caspian Gull ,Hayle estuary , January.
 Second winter Caspian Gull ,Hayle estuary ,February.
 First winter Iceland Gull ,Hayle estuary , March.
 First winter Bonapartes Gull ,Helston ,March.
 Ring  Billed Gull ,Hayle March.
 Osprey ,Hayle ,April.
 Little Tern ,Marazion ,April.
 Turtle Dove ,Lands End ,April.
 Bee-eater ,Conner Downs ,May.
 Temmincks Stint,Hayle,June.
 First summer female Amur Falcon ,Polgigga ,July.
 First calendar year Yellow Legged Gull ,Hayle estuary ,August.
 Yellow Legged Gull ,Hayle ,June.
 Cedar Waxwing ,Isles of Scilly ,October.
 Spoonbill ,Hayle estuary.
 Little Bunting Isles of Scilly ,October.
 Yellow Browed Warbler IOS ,October.
 Male Bluethroat,IOS,October.
 Olive Backed Pipit ,IOS October.
 Red Throated Diver ,Penzance ,October.
 Red Breasted Flycatcher IOS October.
 Raddes Warbler ,IOS November.
 Hawfinch ,IOS ,November .
 Wilsons Snipe IOS, November.
 Male Firecrest.
 Adult Ring Billed Gull , Hayle estuary.
Last but not least what better way to finish than another Caspian Gull this is a first winter bird ,Hayle estuary.

Wednesday, 29 November 2017

Yellow Legged Gulls on the Hayle estuary yesterday in between the sunny spells and gloomy weather.

 Adult .
 Adult in flight.
 Adult in flight.
 Shades of grey!!,Adult here on the right with Lesser Black Backed Gull in the middle and Herring Gull on the left for comparison .
 Adult looking to see where the suns gone.
 Second winter.
 Second winter in flight.
 A very distant Third winter.
Third winter in flight.