Saturday, 24 November 2018

The last installment of our trip to the Scillies.

 Spoonbills with Sampson in the background, this picture was taken from Joe Penders boat on the way to Bryher.
 Dusky Warbler ,one of four birds we had in total with three together at Carn Friars one day ,a notoriously hard bird to photograph so quite pleased with these images.
 Dusky Warbler,pity about the shadow on the face otherwise would of been the best shot.
 Dusky Warbler.
 Purple Sandpiper,St Agnes.
 Barred Warbler .
 A late Reed Warbler.
 Blyths Pipit,found by Kris Spider Webb at Carn Friars.
 Blyths Pipit.
 Lesser Whitethroat possibly of an eastern race ?.
 Common Rosefinch 1st winter ,Kerry and i also found another bird later in the day.
 Great White Egret only the eleventh record for the scillies.
 This juvenile Hen Harrier had Kerry ,Higgo and myself going as it looked very hooded in the field with orange underparts but among other things the barring in the primaries ruled out Northern Harrier.
 Juvenile Hen Harrier.
 Juvenile Hen Harrier being mobbed by a Raven ,look how hooded this bird appeared ,at one time we had two Sparrowhawks a Peregine,Kestrel and two Ravens all mobbing the Harrier.
 One of the two Sparrowhawks.
 Four of the twenty plus Great Shearwaters we had on the boat crossing over .
 Common Dolphins.
Last but not least another shot of the superb Olive Backed Pipit.

Friday, 9 November 2018

The next installment of our Isles of Scilly trip.

 Grey Cheeked Thrush,after spending hours waiting for a brief view on St Agnes Spider relocated the bird a few days later at Little Porth ,St Marys where it performed well and gave close and prolonged views.
 Same bird.
 Yellow Browed Warbler,one of the 20 plus we had on the trip.
 This female Merlin was sat on the chimney of the house next to our digs as we arrived off the boat.
 Red Eyed Vireo a vagrant from North America and always a pleasure to see ,this bird was on Bryher.
 Red Backed Shrike 1st winter ,St Agnes.
 This was one of our highlights ,this Long Eared Owl spent the whole day roosting in a sallow on Lower Moors ,although partially obscured it was great to see it have a preen in the late afternoon sunshine.

 Rustic Bunting ,although only distant record shots we had great scope views and best of all it was a new British bird for Kerry and me, a great find by Will Scott.
 Same bird.
 Same bird.
 Little Bunting found by my mate Adam Hutt.
 There was a good arrival of thrushes while we were there including this Fieldfare .
Redwing having a bath.

Wednesday, 7 November 2018

A little taster of my 2018 Isles of Scilly trip report ,this showy Olive Backed Pipit was just one of many highlights ,hopefully i will get the rest of the images on before the end of the week.

 This superb pipit has got to be one of my favorite birds ,it breeds in Siberia and NE Europe and winters mainly in S Asia but a hand full reach Western Europe annually ,its not often they show so well so i was more than pleased with these images.