Monday, 7 May 2018

Sorry for the lack of posts recently i have been off line for a while ,here are a series of pics taken on a trip to the Isles of Scilly from the 14th of April to the 3rd of May.

 Male Pied Flycather ,Carreg Dhu Gardens ,St Marys.

 Highlight of the trip was this superb male Belted Kingfisher at Porth Hellick Bay,St Marys on the 18th of April,this was the first record for the islands and only the 4th for Britain ,an afternoon my Partner Kerry and i will never forget,what a bird!!.

 First winter Iceland Gull,St Marys.

 Drake Gadwall.
 Night Heron ,Porthellick ,St Marys.
 Male Wheatear possibly of the Greenland race.

 Woodchat Shrike ,StAgnes.
 First winter Laughing Gull ,St Martins.

 Female Common Redstart St Martins.
 Probable Spanish Wagtail ,Castella Down ,St Agnes.

 Rock Pipit.
 Cuckoo ,St Martins.
 Singing and displaying male Firecrest ,Carreg Dhu Gardens,St Marys.

 Turtle Dove ,Hillside Farm ,Bryher.
 Red Rumped Swallow ,Kitty Down ,St Marys.

Thursday, 1 February 2018

A selection of Yellow Legged Gulls on the Hayle estuary over the last week.

 Presumed forth calendar year.
 As above.
 As above.
 As above.
 Presumed third calendar year.
 As above .
 As above.
 Presumed forth calendar year or sub adult.

Monday, 22 January 2018

A selection of Gulls taken over the last ten days on the Hayle estuary.

 Presumed 4th calendar year Yellow Legged Gull.
 A different presumed 4th calendar year Yellow Legged Gull taken at the same time only a few feet away from the bird above ,note the subtle difference in the bill markings.
 Presumed sub adult Yellow Legged Gull.
 Same as above  with spread underwing.
 Presumed 3rd calendar year Yellow Legged Gull.
 Presumed 4th calendar year Yellow Legged Gull .
 Not sure about this bird ,could be a hybrid ,answers on a postcard.
 Presumed 3rd calendar year Yellow Legged Gull.
 Distant flight shot of the bird above.
 Presumed 4th calendar year Yellow Legged Gull.
 Second calendar year Iceland Gull taken at Marazion.
 Second calendar year Glaucous Gull.
 Presumed adult Argentatus type Herring Gull.
 The last six images are of the same bird the last two being taken  today eight days after the first four ,in that time the head streaking is starting to vanish ,it was a huge bird and i still can not make my mind up to its true identity,opinions welcome.