Thursday, 20 July 2017

Juvenile Yellow legged Gull Hayle Estuary tuesday.

 A classic bird and a good opportunity to note some key features,note the deep heavy based bill with a pronounced gonydeal angle and hooked tip,long looking rear end and long legs, it was a brute of a bird so presumably a male.
 The neat black tail band and white upper tail coverts with internal blackish markings stand out well here as does the paler head with the dark eye mask.

 The dark brown tertials with neat fine pale edges are obvious in this shot.
 Note the lack of an obvious pale window on the inner primaries and the white edging  to the wing coverts giving it a scaled look.

The under tail coverts ,white with widely spaced black barring show well here.

Monday, 26 June 2017

Presumed second summer/third calendar year Yellow Legged Gull on the Hayle estuary yesterday morning.

 Drake Gadwall
 Adult Mediterranean Gull in summer plumage.

 Swift over my back garden.
House Martin.

Friday, 9 June 2017

A week on the Hayle estuary ,hopefully i hav,nt made to many boo boo,s on the gulls ,all comments welcome.

 First calendar year Yellow Legged Gull
My favorite pic.

 In flight.
 This is the image when i first picked the bird up,quite a striking bird even at this range.
 In this shot you can see the slightly paler inner primaries.
 Third calendar year Yellow Legged Gull  note the long looking legs .
 The legs look a lot more yellow in this shot.
 Note the long looking rear end.
 Standing out from the crowd.

 Still showing some remains of black on the outer tail feathers.
 A different bird to the 1st Calendar bird above ,it was quite a brute of a bird.
 In flight.
 Preening its tail,again note the neat black tail band.
 Barnacle Goose.