Friday, 19 October 2018

Another visit to Lands End this morning to see the superb Grey Catbird paid off with some better images.

The bird called several times today ,pity there was a branch in the way in this image.

Tuesday, 16 October 2018

Grey Catbird ,Treeve Common ,Lands End 16/10.18.

 What a cracking bird ,this American beauty is the first for Cornwall and only the second for Britain as far as i know, anyway its bloody rare,it gets its name from its strange call that is reminiscent of a cats meow.

Although only a record flight shot all the identification features are visible including black cap and tail, rusty  undertail coverts and sooty grey body.

Wednesday, 3 October 2018

Brown Shrike ,Soapy Cove the Lizard a great end to my weeks birding in Cornwall ,before and after work obviously !!.

 A very distant record shot of the first winter Brown Shrike ,Soapy Cove on the Lizard.
 Whinchat,Lands End.
 As above.
 Juvenile Peregrine Falcon hunting on the Hayle estuary.
 As above .
 Little Grebe ,see lots of these on Carnsew pool but rarely on the main estuary so was nice to get this bird swim close in front of me .
 Adult winter Sandwich Tern.
 Yellow Legged Gull either 2nd or 3rd calendar year ,answers on a postcard !!.
 As above.
 As above.
 As above.
 Yellow Legged Gull 1st calendar year.
 As above ,love these birds at this age ,so crisp and neat.
 As above ,look at that neat tail band.
 As above.
 As above.
As above.