Sunday, 20 November 2016

A few pics from the last few days on the Hayle estuary.

 Adult Yellow Legged Gull
 Adult Artic Tern fishing on Carnsew pool.
An odd looking Lesser Black Backed Gull

Sunday, 13 November 2016

A selection birds seen on the Hayle estuary this weekend.

 Female Garganey
 First winter drake Green Winged Teal
 Drake Pintail.
 Immature Spoonbill

Adult Artic Tern ,a very late bird.

Sunday, 6 November 2016

The juvenile American Golden Plover that has frequented the Hayle estuary over the last few days.

 Note the long legs and the primaries exstending beyond the tail.
 Showing the dusky underwing.
Bottom right bird ,colder toned lacking the golden speckling of the eurasian Golden Plovers.