Saturday, 11 November 2017

The possible Siberian Oystercatcher form Longipes on the Isles of Scilly 29/10/17.

 Not knowing anything about Siberian Oystercatcher i got a call from Kris Spider Webb informing me that the possible bird was present on Porthloo Beach so i decided to go and have a look . I immediately picked the bird out feeding on the shoreline with about 20 other Oystercatchers ,features of Longipes are said to include a paler browner back longer legs and bill with a nasal grove that runs more than 50% down its length ,more white in the primaries is also said to be a feature.

 Here on the right ,it did appear to be longer legged than the other Oystercatchers and to my eye a slimmer looking bird altogether.

 Although i did not  get any flight shots i did observe it wing stretching as i did with the other Oystercatchers and it did appear to have more white in the primaries .
 In this image the nasal grove looks to exceed 50% of the length of bill.

Like i said i,m no expert on Siberian oystercatcher but hope these images add to the debate.

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