Friday, 27 January 2017

Some of the highlights of my birding this week.

 Third calendar year Caspian Gull ,Hayle estuary,
 Flight shot showing the long dangling legs ,white mirror on primary 10,and the remnants of a thin neat tail band.

 Note the pear shaped head ,dark beady eye and long parallel bill.
 Although the pictures were taken in the late afternoon harsh sunlight you can just about make out the neat hindneck streaking and the slightly darker mantle than the Herring Gull behind.

 Note the long looking legs.
 1st winter male Eastern Black Redstart ,Mousehole.
 1st winter Iceland Gull ,Hayle Estuary.
 The next four images are of sub adult Yellow Legged Gull ,Hayle estuary.
 Open underwing shot.

Putative 2nd winter Yellow legged Gull ,Hayle Estuary.


  1. How you gull folk tell them apart is beyond me!

  2. Great post Mark,I.D very impressive.