Wednesday, 5 April 2017

Some images taken on the Hayle estuary the last few days.

 First winter Yellow Legged Gull ,the next series of shots are all of the same bird.
 Note the lack of a pale window in the inner primaries .
 Note the longish looking legs and the long rear end.
 The dark mask is obvious from this angle ,also note the new generation feathers in the tertials ,scapulars and inner wing coverts.
 The neck streaking on this angle gives the bird a caspian feel but note the dark underwing.
 Again the neat black tail band and black eye mask stand out in this shot.
 A more contrasting bird than the Herring Gull on the left.
 note the longish looking legs.
 Distant flight shot ,note the neat black tail band and uniform wing lacking an obvious pale window in the inner primaries.
 Spoonbills ,near adult on the left and immature on the right.
 First winter Little Gull.
 First winter Little Gull in flight.
First winter Iceland Gull.

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