Saturday, 11 February 2017

A series of shots taken of a second winter/third calendar year Caspian Gull on the Hayle estuary over the last couple days.

 Second winter/third calendar year Caspian Gull , Hayle estuary,thanks for the help and advice on clinching this birds identity.
 Was,nt sure about this birds identity until i saw  it in flight yesterday ,here it shows all the relevant features including a  small white mirror on p10 ,pale underwing with small dark spotting and a clean headed look with dark beady eye among other things.
 Not a very beaky looking Caspian ,but still a reasonably slim evenly paralleled bill.

 Note the neat hind neck streaking against the gleaming white head and the slim longish pale legs,although not the longest looking legged Caspian i,ve seen..


  1. Many thanks for your I.D of the Caspian Gull,I will pay closer attention next visit to Hayle.