Tuesday, 11 May 2010

House Finch

Managed to get away from work for a few hours today and decided to try and get some picks of this contriversal bird,these were the best i could get.Also had a couple of good hours after.see below.


  1. Awesome!
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  2. I was just passing through. I enjoyed your blog
    thanks for sharing.

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  4. Hello there,
    I was blog hopping and I kept landing on blogs that are written by birders which is fantastic since I just moved into a new home recently.

    Bird watching has become a wonderful activity for me. I've seen cardinals and a road runner in my backyard. My city houses a lot of crows (we call them dumpster chickens as they love to congregate around store and restaurant dumpsters) and extremely obese pigeons!

    Blogs like yours have inspired me to take my camera outdoors and patiently wait for something grand to appear!

    Deanna :D

  5. im passing by. i like your pictures. btw, i also see a lot of finches in long beach, surprising.

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